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Merchant Overview

The core of The Snack Monkey customer experience is purchasing and paying for items through the app.  As a merchant, you can easily and accurately manage these items with our web portal.  Once you are set up with an account, you can log on to the website and easily build and manage your concession and ticket menus.  After these are set up, the items will show up in the app for your customers to purchase.


Merchants are required to set up a credit card processing account, linked to your organization’s bank account.  This is how customer’s payments will be processed and the funds deposited to you.

The Snack Monkey also provides merchants with a point of sale (POS) system for walk-up cash customers.  The POS makes it much easier for workers to handle orders, make change, and accurately track inventory.

All orders coming into the concession stand through the app and POS show up on an Order-Picker screen in the concession stand.

Orders coming through the app and POS combine to power the inventory management system (IMS) which allows merchants to better handle inventory levels, sales quantities, and re-stocking needs.  With The Snack Monkey IMS, you can track your inventory in real-time - right from your smart phone!

Concession Menu

Smart Phone Outline

The Snack Monkey makes it easy to build your concession menu with the web portal.  We help you set up your concession name(s) and location(s).  From there, you are ready to build your menu(s) with categories, items, and prices.  Your customers will be able to see your menu(s) and order items from the app.  If you want to change a menu, simply go back to the web portal and make the change.

Merchants have complete control of concession menus.   With the menu “open” or “closed” feature, you are able to ensure customers only order concession items when you are open for business.   The “out of stock” feature allows you to close individual items, on the fly, if you run out.

Concession Menu

Order Picker

Orders made through the app or POS show up in the concession stand(s) on the Order-Picker screen. The Order-Picker screen lists all unfilled orders chronologically.  Once an order is finished, the worker simply clicks “Ready for Pick-up”.  If the order came in through the app, it will send a text message to the customer alerting them that their order is ready for pick-up.  If the order came through the POS, it alerts the worker whose name to call.  Once the order is picked up, the worker clicks “Delivered”, and the order disappears from the Order-Picker screen and is added to History. 

Order Picker

Ticket Menu

The Snack Monkey provides a flexible ticket platform for merchants. 

You can set tickets up as static categories. 

  • Adult $7, Senior $5, Child $3 

Or make very specific categories. 

  • Lions vs Wildcats, Sept 20th, Adult $6  

  • Lions vs Wildcats, Sept 20th, Senior $4

Once your customers purchase the ticket(s) for the event they want, an e-ticket with a QR code is sent to their app for that particular event.  The QR codes are single use to ensure each ticket can only be used once. 

Through the web portal, you set up who your gate worker(s) will be.  This allows those workers to use The Snack Monkey App on their personal mobile device to scan tickets at the gate.

Smart Phone Outline

Point of Sale


The point of sale (POS) system, allows you to take walk-up customer orders and handle cash.  The menu(s) and items that are set up for the app users show up on the POS for concession workers.  When a customer walks up to the window to order, the concession worker can easily enter the order into the POS, select the cash amount the customer pays, and the POS will calculate the change to be made.  The items on the order are deducted from the inventory and show up on the Order-Picker screen.

Ticket Menu

Inventory Management

Tracking your inventory has never been so easy! 


The Snack Monkey gives you the ability to add inventory to your concession stand by simply adjusting quantities beside each menu item in the web portal.

The app and POS subtract quantities of items from inventory as they are sold.  This gives you a real-time view of inventory levels from both platforms, web and mobile. 


You can also do a physical count and “true-up" your inventory as needed from your mobile device.

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